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Give yourself a much needed rest – a massage to maintain health in our stressful times is not a luxury, but a necessity
There will be no fuss and haste, artificial light, only softness, smoothness, delicacy and lighting of the flame of candles.
Younger face, elongated oval, smoothing nasolabial folds, chin lift. Younger and toned face after the first procedure
Girl Tulum

Mayan Inspired Therapy

Our spa is a fusion of modern therapies and ancient Mayan healing rituals.

Professional team

You need to know the qualified therapist in a person. Take a look at the expert team and choose the preferable one.
Andrea Barrios
Gaby Almeida
Swedish massage therapist
Rebeca Baca
Wraps therapist
Anna Doe
Spa detox therapist
Moira Chi
Massage therapist
Dori Stuart
Wraps therapist
Lily Jonson
Sarah Ronimson
Spa therapist


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